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Friday, 30 September 2011

Force: Movie Review : Force film review and ratings

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Force more or less, is an offshoot of the success of Ghajini with a similar structure of a hardcore action film intersected with a lighthearted love story running in flashback plus a 6-pack-abs hero, a blabbermouth heroine, a love-song in desert and a gory climax. Also its remake of a Tamil film (Kaakha Kaakha ) starring the same actor ( Suriya) from the original Ghajini . Incidentally down South,Ghajini (2005) was an offshoot of the success ofKaakha Kaakha (2003).

Beyond being a remake, Force has a regular revenge drama plotline where the hero (John Abraham) kills villain's brother and the villain (Vidyut Jamwal) is out to get the hero and his family (Genelia D'Souza). This one-liner summarizes the soul of the film. WhyForce still has that impact is because of its seething spirit and electrifying energy that the director brings to the proceedings, while never letting it go overboard esp. when there is a strong tendency with the genre. Accepted that the action is heavy-duty, the villain is vicious and together when this lethal combo deracinates the hero, it gets cinematically depressing at times. But these extremities lend the film its individuality. So despite having a refreshing romance track too, Force isn't exactly for the fainthearted!

The film isn't exactly designed as a realistic cinema that exposes the functioning of the drug trade. The narcotics backdrop is employed to give John Abraham and his team more defined characterization as cops. So the modus operandi of the drug mafia is rushed through rapid yet convincing montages. The story is pretty much predictable but the storytelling is swift enough to not let you notice the loose ends and smart enough to keep you riveted.

The love story between John and Genelia, though not out of the box, is sublime and sparkling enough. Since John carries a no-nonsense attitude, much of the effervescence can be attributed to Genelia who is charming in her chirpy character. Their romance has a steady buildup because the charisma in their chemistry is directly proportional to the viciousness that follows in the vengeance in the second half.

The action is raw and involves more physical combats. Action director Allan Amin choreographs the stunt sequences with the requisite vigour and esp. noteworthy is the extensive chase sequence when John and Vidyut come face-to-face for the first time. But more than the action, it's the vindictiveness of the villain that scares you more. The second half almost works like a horror film with the viewer anticipating with fear on how would the evil strike next. There is a continual sense of looming danger.

For an action film, Force has some really well-written dialogues. The lines have genuine impact and aren't blatantly jingoistic to win mass-appeal like in most recent actioners. The director cuts off melodrama and tries to bring subtlety to a full-blown action film. Also he tries to strike a balance between the love story and the revenge drama. While at the outset one feels to have lost directorNishikant Kamat, who gave us sensitive and sensible masterpieces in the form of Mumbai Meri Jaanand Dombivli Fast , to masala movies, he still manages to keep Force a level higher than the formulaicSingham or the desi Dabangg .

John Abraham looks cool and convincing in the role of a cold-blooded cop. Force exploits his brawny physique to the best and gives him ample scope to play a full-fledged action role without being blatant about it. While Genelia is bubbly as always, she thankfully doesn't go overboard in her chatterbox character this time. She is at her graceful best. Vidyut Jamwal makes a confident debut as the menacing villain and adds venom to his cruel character. He is amazing in the action sequences and spiteful as the insensitive killer. Mohnish Behl gets a strong supporting role after ages and does absolute justice to it. Sandhya Mridul is decent. Anaitha Nair is wasted. Raj Babbar gets no scope.
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