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Monday, 10 October 2011

Jagjit Singh Passed away : Singer Jagjit Singh Died News : Jagjit Singh death news

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Considering the common heritage of Ghazal and Urdu between India and Pakistan, Singh had recently performed in Delhi with Pakistan's Ghazal legend Ghulam Ali. The duo were slated to give another concert in Mumbai on Sept. 23 but the event was cancelled as Singh was taken ill the same day and rushed to hospital where he underwent a brain hemmorhage operation after which he was in a coma under intensive care.Singh was a major force in popularizing the traditional Ghazal genre, known for its poetic renditions in the Urdu language. Along with his wife Chitra, Singh rose to heights in the seventies as a live performer while delivering 80 albums over his five decade career. In 1987, the duo recorded Beyond Time for EMI, the first digital CD by Indian artists.
But the couple suffered a personal tragedy in 1990 when their only son, 18-year-old Vivek, was killed in a car accident in Mumbai which led to Chitra retiring from music.<Continue Reading........>
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