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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

PSLV C18 satellite : PSLV-C18 successfully lifts-off with 4 satellites exp success

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PSLV-C18 successfully lifts-off with 4 satellitesSriharikota: India’s most trusted satellite launch vehicle, the PSLV on Wednesday successfully lifted off from the Sriharikota spaceport carrying the Indo-French tropical weather satellite Megha-Tropiques and three other smaller satellites.
The Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle - C18 (PSLV-C18) blasted off from here at 11.00 am. Till date, 48 of PSLV's 49 satellites launched have been successful.
The rocket is carrying the 1,000-kg Megha Tropiques and three smaller satellites together weighing 42.6 kg.
Megha Tropiques is an Indo-French collaboration to study climatic and atmospheric changes in tropical regions and will make India the second nation in the world to launch such a space mission.
The satellite will look down at the earth from around 867 km low earth orbit and is expected to enable the India Meteorological Department (IMD) to forecast weather in a more precise manner.
The three nano satellites that are being ferried by the PSLV are the 10.9-kg SRMSAT built by the students of SRM University near Chennai, the three-kg remote sensing satellite Jugnu from the Indian Institute of Technology-Kanpur, and the 28.7-kg VesselSat from Luxembourg to locate ships on high seas.

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